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Attila vom Schüngelberg
And these are the information out of my RWS pedigree: Pedigree number: RWS 010 Number of puppies: 3/4 Siblings: Amigo, Arkiro, Angel, Ayla, Aylin F: Attila White Star Champ of Canada (AKZ: SchH3 / IPO3) F: Basko of the White Stars F: Blake Star vom Eifeler Land M: Axenia vom Wolfsblut M: Aura vom weißen Stern F: Mylord-Kevin von Ronanke M: Angel-Leysa vom Polarstern M: Ashley vom Sutumer Grund (AKZ: SchH3) F: Zenker-Baron von Ronanke (AKZ: SchH3) F: Drako-Roy von Ronanke M: Eika-Rhonda vom Gehege Löwenburg Monreal M: Aliena von white Princess (AKZ: SchH3 / IPO3 / FH) F: Android-Boy vom Polarstern M: Princess vom Wolfsgehege
Due to the acceptance of our race by the VDH, we all had to go for registration and get new pedigrees. But in this new pedigrees all information about our ancestors are missing, because they were not breeded according to there rules. Here the important infomrmation of my VDH pedigree:
Registration: 15.02.2003 HD-Examination: HD-A Ok for breed: 03.06.2004
Date of birth: 29.06.1997 Pedigree number: VDH 03/148R0172 Tattoo number: D02