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Attila vom Schüngelberg
Milestones of my life
29.06.1997: I’m born in Gelsenkirchen (Geramny) as one of 7 children from Ashley vom Sutumer Grund and Attila White Star Champ of Canada.
20.09.1997: What an exciting day. First I met Tanja and Uwe - who take me with them. In the car I met my new “guardian” Apollo and then I saw my new home: soooo many toys and all for me!
21.09.1997: And again driving - jippy.We visit the rest of my new family. Such a big garden and everybody is so nice.
Okt.1997: I start my training as a Schutzhund. 06.03.1999: I did my first test and soon SchH1, 2,3....
01.06.2000: Uwe and Tanja announce me at the RWS (German club for white sheherd dogs). At my first show I made the first place immediately as a working dog.
20.10.2000: What an exciting day. Everybody was looking at me. I had my charcter test. That was funny! But then - I had to stand and they look to all my dimensions - so boring! But then came the best: Schutzdienst - jäh! The result of the day: the licentce for breeding at the RWS. Ladies - I am waiting for you!
Januar 2003: The VDH accepted us as an own race. Therefor we have to go to registration at February, 15 to Dortmund. My licence for breeding is gone and I have to go to shows again.
Jan. 2001: My people bring such a stange little black-brown thing with them to our home. Oh shit, it stays here. They called him Don. es bleibt auch noch hier. He was as bold as brass. But also a good fellow.
3. Juni 2004: Done. I have all the zertificates I need to get the ok for breeding!
Summer 2001: What a hectic. My people are working the whole day - at our new home! Gras, forrest, .... freedom! So much place for all of us!
.... 2002: We start our big scandinavia tour. Wow, every day at another place.
Mai 1999: A short trip to Danmark with our godchild Fabienne und my fellow Falk. My guardian Apollo was also preset. Very stressfull with these 3!
August 2003: What’s that. Will it stay too?
Yes, Flag stays too. Now we are the “Phantastic 4”!
17.05.2005: It’s time to say goodby. The cancer is too strong. Thank you for the interesting time I had with you.