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Attila vom Schüngelberg
Show Results / Breeding Diploma
World dog show 2003 Working class: V3 Report: very masculine, harmonic builded male dog, accurate head, accurate topline, excellent angulation, accurate coat structure, very good musculoskeletal system.
Intern. dog show Frankfurt 2003 Working class: V2 (+CAC res.) Report: harmonic builded male dog, typical head, well created neck, straight back, very good strength of bones. Korrect angulation, stretched movements.
VDH Europe championship 2004 Working class: V1 (+ VDH-ChA) Report: Excellent overall shape, masculint body which fits to the head, strong pigmentation, muscular Neck, korrect angulation in front and back, strong topline, deep, correct curved breast, very good located tail, coat fit to the season. Movement is free and stretching. Teeth ok. Neutral behaviour.
Breeding Diploma (RWS) done Oktober 2000 TSB: pronounced, gets out character assessment: excellent Assessment for breeding: excellent